• How much does Vaxme cost?

    The Vaxme Pass is absolutely free to use. We currently offer no in-app purchases and will never collect your card info.

  • Where can I use the Vaxme Pass?

    You can use the Vaxme Pass anywhere that requires you to verify your Covid-19 vaccination. Think of us as an alternative to the paper card you received after your vaccination 🙂. Generally, our users count on us when visiting concerts, public events, airports, and any other venue requiring you to confirm your covid vaccination.

  • How do I begin using Vaxme?

    While we get the app ready, we're asking everyone to sign up on the waitlist form we created. When the app is launched, you'll be able to create a profile on Vaxme, receive a custom QR code and use the VaxPass.

  • Does the VaxPass ever expire?

    The VaxPass has no expiration, unless there are any new developments regarding vaccines from the CDC.

  • How do I reach out to Vaxme?

    You can send a message to our (human-read) email hi.vaxme@gmail.com.